Adult Golf Programs

Our Adult Golf Programs are geared towards all abilities with the intention of helping each of our students to reach their individual golfing goals.  Whether you’re looking to become a social golfer, win your company tournament or club championship, or even make a run at the PGA Tour; we can help you get there.

From beginner to advanced, or anywhere in between, there’s a program that’s perfectly suited to help you reach your goals.

Group Golf Programs

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NEW2GOLF: The New2Golf program is designed to introduce brand new golfers to the FUNdamentals of golf. Golf can be intimidating. This program removes any barriers keeping a potential golfer from joining this great sport. Participants are introduced to a golf facility, etiquette, rules, booking tee times, how golf is played, selection of equipment, and basic, simple instruction to put the golfer on the path to improved play. 

GOLF 101: A Program For Beginning Golfers Golf is all about having FUN! This program is geared around fun while learning the key FUN-damentals needed to improve your game. Both short and full swing will be covered, as well as other key segments of the game to have you ready to play  on the course! Beginning golfers, infrequent golfers and former golfers are all encouraged to enjoy this experience.

GOLF 201 – For Intermediate Golfers: This program is geared around the skillsets of the game needed to lower your scores. There will be sessions on short game, full swing, and how to practice. Bunker play and some of the variable “trouble” shots will be introduced as well. Golfers looking to prepare for play on the course, those who have some experience on the course and beginning golfers looking to lower their scores are encouraged to participate in this class. This is a great follow-up program after having taken our Golf 101 program.

DRIVE CHIP PUTT AND PLAY: This program aims to help participants to drive the ball more accurately, chip the ball closer to the hole and work toward eliminating three putts! On the last week of the program class will be held on the golf course, so you can apply what you have learned, as well as ask any on course strategy questions you may have.

DRIVE, CHIP, PUTT AND PLAY – HUMAN SKILLS: This program is designed to help participants apply the “Human Skills” of Vision54 to more accurately drive, chip, putt and play! On the last week of the program class will be held on the golf course, so you can apply your best Performance Routine, as well as work on course navigation strategies.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: This program is all about improvement in a fun, social environment while creating consistency in your practice habits by attending each week.  

TUNE UP YOUR GOLF GAME This program is all about improving your full swing and short game.

Build a Better Golf Game