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Here at Haggin Oaks, our golf professionals are nationally recognized not only for the numerous programs that they teach but also for their ability to adapt to the learning style of each golfer. Search below to find the correct fit for you.

Tom Morton

PGA Director of Coaching & Development

Born in Sacramento, Tom has been around golf at  Haggin Oaks since the age of 5. Tom’s golf career was fostered through the Haggin Oaks Junior Golf Programs and through his father and five-time national PGA award winner, Ken Morton, Sr. Tom has played tournament golf since the Little Linker program at age 7, leading him to the Junior Golf Association of Northern California Tour and American Junior Golf Association events. His scholastic achievements and golf game enabled Tom to receive a golf scholarship to the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he played competitively for 4 years.
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Ed Adams

Teaching professional

Ed Adams is a Teaching Professional who first joined the Morton Golf coaching team in 2012.  Prior to joining the team, Ed spent 10 years as Tournament Director of PGA Tour and LPGA Tour events.  There, he had the opportunity to meet and talk frequently with many of the tour players.  He brings that wealth of knowledge gained from those experiences about the game and how to play like a professional.

Ed encourages golfers to focus on the basic fundamentals of golf and proper practice techniques to improve their game and to become more consistent.  He focuses his efforts on helping golfers learn how to maximize the benefits of practice in a minimum about of time.

Shaun Barnes

PGA Professional

Shaun Barnes first started playing golf when he was 10 years old, playing with his father and brother. Shaun and his brother played at Haggin Oaks in the junior golf program in the early 1980’s but he never took the game too seriously until 10 years later while earning an A.S. degree in Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University.

Shaun’s passion is coaching golf. His philosophy is that no matter what level of golfer, “having fun” should be the #1 priority while learning and playing. “By getting the student to be more aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it, they can become their own golf coach.” A strong base of fundamentals (grip, posture, aim, and alignment) is the process that can, and will, lead to desirable outcomes.

Calvin Carpenter

PGA Professional

Calvin started playing golf at the age of 10 and grew up in a small town outside of Madison, WI. He was an accomplished junior player, playing on the Wisconsin State Golf Association Junior Tour and helping his high school win the state championship his senior year. At age 25, Calvin went back to college to get a degree in Golf Enterprise Management from the University of Wisconsin, Stout. After falling in love with California during an internship, Calvin knew he wanted to pursue a golf career in this sunny state.

Calvin enjoys teaching the game of golf and watching the transformation of his players, but above all, he believes that no matter what someone is doing, it should first and foremost, be fun.

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