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I’m Mike

Mike Duhamel

PGA Professional

Mike Duhamel is a Class A Canadian PGA Professional. He is a high-performance coach and a new resident to the Sacramento area. His coaching experience spans nearly 20 years- including working with some of the top players, coaches, and teams in the world. 

Mike is excited to bring his holistic coaching approach to Haggin Oaks and the Sacramento golf community. He breaks up performance into 5 main buckets: Physical, Technical, Neurological, Tactical, and Mechanical-challenging athletes to excel in these 5 major areas regardless of their current abilities or level of play. 

Everyone has their own individual golf goals- whether it’s lowering their handicap, winning the club championship, achieving a scholarship to a top college program, or even becoming one of the best players in the world, and Mike has the experience to help achieve these goals. Call 916-808-2531 to schedule an appointment with Mike Duhamel.

Early Days

His love of sports started at age 3 when he began ice skating in Northern Ontario, Canada. Mike excelled at multiple sports growing up including baseball, golf, and hockey, eventually going on to play Junior A hockey through college, before injuries forced him to change his focus. In 1999, while still playing Junior A hockey, he enrolled in PGM College and graduated in 2002.  

As a junior golfer, Mike won numerous golf tournaments even though golf was not his main focus. After injuries forced him away from hockey in college, he turned his attention to professional golf and completed his playing ability test to become a member of the Canadian PGA. As a professional, Mike worked at some of the top clubs in Canada, where he specialized in coaching.

With a strong desire to compete and having success as a young playing professional, Mike took his game to the Australian Tour and various mini-tours across both the U.S and Canada, racking up 5 professional victories and numerous Top 10 finishes.  From there, he caddied on the and LPGA Tours, before starting his own coaching company in 2008- coaching all levels of athletes from juniors to tour players.

Fun Fact: Mike Duhamel’s wife is an accomplished LPGA player so it tends to get pretty competitive in the Duhamel household! 

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