Our most popular lessons are private lessons which will give you the kind of one-on-one information you need to make quick progress in the game.

Private lessons can be customized to work on any part of your game from putting to driving. They can be as simple as giving quick fixes and tune-ups or as complex as completely reworking your golf swing from the ground up.

Private lessons are taught by our professional staff who have been highly trained in the latest technology and methods, in order to help you take your swing to the next level.  No matter what your goal is we‚Äôre able and highly motivated to help you achieve it.

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What People are Saying

Not that I haven’t played before but there is always room for improvement. Dave Stockley came to me through a referral and I was more than pleased!

Dave is patient, and professional & gave me great mechanics to make my game better! He figured out what my strengths & weaknesses were and adjusted my lesson to find a great balance!

I had mentioned to him my kids wanted to get me clubs for Christmas. He didn’t pressure me to buy right then & there but you can bet any club I buy will be from Dave!

Need a lesson to take your game from good to great? Call Haggin Oaks & schedule a lesson with Dave.
Tell him Deb sent ya!
Deborah L
Elk Grove
This review is for the lesson series and clinics taught by Dale Edwards.

Dale put us at ease right away. His focus is not just on learning the fundamentals, but on enjoying the process and the game. Yes, he tells a lot of jokes. But it’s self-deprecating humor that reminds us all to not take ourselves or the game too seriously, and he makes almost everyone laugh when he does. Instead of using unnecessary high-brow golf lingo with new golfers who don’t know what the heck it means, he uses analogies and clever descriptions of how to hold the club, how to swing, etc. that have been tremendously helpful to me. As we’ve gone along, he’s taught us the lingo, the rules, the etiquette, etc. When I hit a horrible shot, he just shrugs. It’s no big deal. He’ll come over and tweak something I’m doing wrong, and then voila! A great shot. And when I hit a great shot, he beams with pride. Practicing or playing with Dale is always fun!
After the first series with Dale, we signed up for a second series — because of Dale. After the second series with Dale, we signed up for a third series — because of Dale. Because of Dale’s teaching and coaching, I have fallen in love with the game and have played almost every week, weather permitting. I’m so thankful he’s still around in weekly clinics to help me improve my game. (The pro shop must also be thankful since I spend a ton in there on gear and clothes as a result of my new obsession!)

If you’re a new golfer, or intimidated by the game, or looking to have more fun out there, seek him out. You won’t be disappointed.
Jen G